What We Buy 

Buckeye Gold Coin & Jewelry is one of the most experienced precious metal and coin dealers in Columbus and Central Ohio. 
We buy and sell a wide range of items, including jewelry, coins & flatware made of gold, silver & platinum, as well as diamonds, paper currency and even silver plated pieces. 
We strive to always provide the best service and highest offers in the market and we will always beat our competitors’ verifiable prices on items that are based on the  precious metal value of your pieces.
 When you are ready to part with your coins, jewelry and more, bring them to Buckeye Gold Coin & Jewelry. Check out  our full list of items we buy below. 

The Gold We Buy 

We accept a variety of gold items, including all solid gold jewelry of 8 karat and  higher. We buy all solid gold coins from the US and around the world, dental  gold 8 karat or better, solid gold watches and pocket watches and we even buy gold-filled jewelry. 
Buckeye Gold We Buy and Sell Gold
Solid gold jewelry that is 8 karat or higher
Gold coins from the US and around the world
Dental gold
Solid gold watches (including pocket-watches)
Gold filled jewelry and pocket watches (marked 12K, 1/20 14K, 1/10 10K, etc.)

The Silver We Buy 

We buy a wide range of silver pieces, including sterling silver jewelry and  flatware with the appropriate markings, flatware stamped with other purities of 80% or higher & Silver plated items. We also buy .999 silver bullion from all over the world and all silver coins from the US and around the world that have a purity of 80% and better. We also accept 40% silver US half dollars and silver war nickels.
Buckeye Gold We Buy and Sell Silver Flatware
Sterling silver jewelry and flatware (must be stamped either “Sterling”, “Ster” or “925”
Other Flatware stamped with purities (“Coin”, “900”, “800”, “850”, etc.)
Silver US Coins (dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars from 1964 and earlier and half dollars from 1970 and earlier)
US War Nickels (Years 1942-1945)
.999 Silver bullion from the US and around the world
Plated silver flatware, platters, bowls etc.

The Platinum We Buy 

Have platinum you’re ready to say goodbye to? We buy solid platinum jewelry,  platinum wire, and platinum bullion from around the world. 
Buckeye Gold We Buy and Sell Platinum
Solid platinum jewelry
Platinum wire
Platinum bullion from the US and around the world

The Stones We Buy 

When you have diamonds you want to sell, bring them to  Buckeye Gold Coin & Jewelry. We pay for diamonds based on their size & quality. Other stones, in most instances, will be paid for based on their weight in the metal they’re set in. 
Buckeye Gold We Buy and Sell Diamonds
We buy diamonds that are both loose or in settings.
We buy diamonds of any size but pay extra for quality diamonds 1/4 carat or larger.
Most other stones we will pay for them based on the metal they are set in.

Other Coins and Items We Buy 

Do you have other items you want to sell that aren’t listed above? Well don't  worry because we also buy lots of other things such as:
Buckeye Gold We Buy and Sell Minted Collectible Paper
Collectible US coins including wheat pennies, buffalo nickels, proof sets, commemorative sets and so much more.
Collectible US paper currency.
A variety of foreign coins and paper currency.
Coins and some jewelry made from Palladium.
If you still don't see something listed please contact us with any questions or for  more information. 

What We Do NOT Buy 

Before bringing your items to Buckeye Gold Coin & Jewelry, please note there  are a few items we don’t buy. These items are included in the list below:
Costume jewelry
Silver plated jewelry
Nickel Silver
Gold dust, flakes, or paint
Large gemstones or pearls set in jewelry.
Loose gemstones
Gold Plated items
China or crystal

Best Prices - Guaranteed 

At Buckeye Gold Coin & Jewelry, we take pride in offering high prices for the  items we buy, and we’re constantly checking to make sure our prices are the  highest in the market. Occasionally, a competitor will run a special promotion so  if you’ve received a verifiable higher offer elsewhere on jewelry that is based on the  precious metal value of your items, bring the offer to us in writing and we will beat it – guaranteed. 

Buckeye Gold Pawn & Loan in Chillicothe, OH 

For even more options visit our Pawn & Loan shop in Chillicothe, Ohio.

As a fully licensed pawn shop, we accept a large variety of items for a pawn loan or sale.   In addition to coins, bullion and jewelry, our Chillicothe location will buy everything from tools, electronics, video games, musical instruments, yard equipment and so much more! We also buy new and previously owned guns and firearms.
To learn more about this location, click here.