Sell Gold, Precious Stones, Jewelry & Diamonds Columbus, Ohio

Who We Are

Buckeye Gold Company is a locally owned and operated company by two people with a passion for what they do.

With years of experience in both the Precious Metals and Numismatic (coin collecting) fields, we believe that the best way to run and grow a business is by treating your customers the right way.

Steve Fagin

After spending almost 20 years running several different successful small businesses for other people, some of them in fields that really didn’t interest me much, it truly is a pleasure to finally do something for a living that I love to do. I believe that when you are happy to go to work everyday it is easy to treat your customers the very best way possible, and it is my promise to make sure that everyone who comes to Buckeye Gold Company has a wonderful experience.

– Steve

Dwight Nippert