Sell Gold, Precious Stones, Jewelry & Diamonds Columbus, Ohio

What to Expect When You Come In

How do I sell gold?

How To Sell Gold

At Buckeye Gold Company, we understand that trying to sell gold, silver & platinum jewelry can seem confusing or even intimidating. But you don’t have to worry about that with us. Our entire process is specifically tailored to make you feel comfortable and give you the knowledge that you need as a consumer to know you are getting top dollar when you sell your gold.

Walking In The Door

1 You don’t need any kind of appointment to visit us, just walk in. If we are already with other customers, you can relax in our seating area. We won’t be long.

At Our Desk

2 Unlike at other shops, we invite you to sit down at our desk with us. We don’t hide behind a counter. As we begin the process of sorting your jewelry, flatware, coins and other items, we will explain to you everything you are about to read here.

Testing Your Precious Metals

4 Often, your jewelry will be stamped with a karat marking and designer stamp that we recognize, and we will not have to test your peices. But if there is no marking, or the marking looks ‘suspect’ (perhaps added on after the piece was made), then we need to make sure the pieces are authentic and determine what their purity is. Most of the time, only two non-damaging tests are needed and they take about one minute per piece.

We rub the piece on a black stone, which puts a stripe of color onto the stone. It does not scratch your piece. We then drop acid of different strengths on to the stone and watch how the color reacts. This determines if a piece is authentic and what the purity is. The second test is simply attaching the piece to a clip and running a small electric current through it using a testing machine that also tells us if it is authentic and what the purity is. All of these results will be shown to you so that you know your piece is what we claim it is.

Making You An Offer

5 Once we have determined what pieces you have, we can figure out what they are worth. We will begin by telling you what the current prices of gold and silver are, and then weigh each karat group, telling you the purity, and telling you what it weighs. Using that information, we will make you an offer. As a transparent business, we are always happy to go over the numbers with you and explain how the price of gold or silver translates into the offer you are getting.

Paying You For Your Precious Metals

6 When you accept our offer, we will then ask you for a photo ID. This will be swiped into a police database to go along with a description of your property. No one has access to your personal information but the police, and this is just to make sure that no stolen property is being sold. We will then ask you to sign a copy of this information, stating that you own the property or have the right to sell it to us. Once that is taken care of, we will pay you your cash! Any large amounts (in the thousands of dollars) may need to be paid partially or completely by a U.S. Bank check.