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Top 5 Most Unique Pieces of Old Jewelry We’ve Bought

Oh, it’s fun being in this business – buying people’s old jewelry, flatware or other precious metal items in Columbus. You see a smile come across our customers’ faces when we hand them a stack of cash for their old gold, silver and platinum. But what makes our job particularly fun is when customers bring in those one-of-a-kind items. We pay these customers for the value of the metals – not the perceived value of the piece – but we’ve had some pretty funky things come through our doors.

Here are the top 5 most unique pieces we’ve seen come through our doors:

Olympic Gold and Silver Medals

We’ve had a few Olympic medals come through, gold and silver. And the rumors are right – they are heavier than you would think!

Saddam Hussein’s Shower Curtain Ring

No, the customer that brought this in wasn’t Del Griffith, the shower ring salesman played by John Candy in “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”. But it really was a solid 22-karat shower curtain ring from the Hussein castle – and it weighed A LOT!

Poopy Rings

It’s a little gross, but a plumber brought in a couple of rings that he found in a septic tank he cleaned a few days before. We didn’t ask why or how he saw these gems, but he did walk out with a couple hundred bucks, saying “No sh*t” as he left our store.

Gold Cross with a Smile

One gentleman brought in a very creative – and somewhat head scratching – piece for us to buy…a gold cross made from gold teeth fillings. Trust us, there were no food particles remaining.

Re-Elect Abraham Lincoln

One of the most interesting pieces presented to us was a re-elect Abraham Lincoln button from 1865. It was gold plated, and it was very cool!

So look through your home for old treasures that you no longer use – class rings, gold necklaces, sterling silver flatware. It doesn’t matter to us if it’s not unique like the examples above. But we’ll pay you cash for your precious metals nonetheless.  And we promise – as always – to outbid any competitor in Columbus.