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Is Selling Old Jewelry Worth The Time?

Gathering old jewelry, flatware and coins to bring in takes time. Is it worth it?

Is Selling Old Jewelry worth it?

At Buckeye Gold Company, I hear all the time that people have given away their old jewelry, flatware or coins to relatives or friends. Either they didn’t realize it was worth anything anymore, or they didn’t believe it would be worth their time to sell it. The fact of the matter is, if it has gold, silver or platinum in it, it is worth money.

But how much?

Remember your old class ring that you never wear? They almost always sell for over a hundred dollars. That herring bone necklace that got all kinked up? Same thing. How about the silver flatware set you got as a wedding present? I’ve bought them for hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars.

Obviously, I can’t tell you for sure on this blog what your items are worth. There are lots of factors (like karat, weight, stones, etc.) that will affect that. But I can tell you that if you bring a few pieces or a flatware set in for us to look at, you can walk out again in less than fifteen minutes with cash in your pocket. For a little time, that is A LOT of money!

Do you want specifics on what your jewelry, flatware and coins might be worth? Call 793-GOLD and find out, or search below for the store closest to you.