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Sell Your Gold to Us or Sell Online – That is the Question

A conundrum that many of our customers bring up when they visit our store is whether they should sell their jewelry to us or put it up on eBay or Craigslist to sell. At Buckeye Gold, we do not resell jewelry – we take your gold, silver or platinum and melt it down. We pay you for the weight of the precious metal you bring in, and for gold, you receive more based on the karat level – an 18-karat ring will fetch you more dollars than a 12-karat ring. So sell your gold!

But the question of whether you can get more if you sold the jewelry online versus selling it to us for its precious metal value can be quite a decision, especially if you think your piece has some kind of unique value to it. However, we are here to tell you that when it comes to convenience and ancillary costs associated with selling your piece online, you’re probably going to come out with the same money in your pocket.

The question really becomes “how long did it take you to get your jewelry sold”? At Buckeye Gold, it’s a matter of minutes versus days or weeks.

But here are some other things to consider:

  • Safety

    It’s an unfortunate subject to bring up, but we’ve all heard the stories about selling stuff to strangers through online classifieds. Bring your jewelry to a safe, established store like Buckeye Gold, and you won’t have to deal with random strangers coming to your house or place of business.

  • PayPal or eBay’s Cut

    As convenient as these sites are, they are in business to make money. And they make their money by taking a cut from what you sell or charge. Skip this middle-man approach and just bring it to us.

  • Cost of Shipping

    If you are able to sell your jewelry to someone out of town, then you’re going to have to ship it. That’s either going to come out of your pocket or the buyer’s pocket. And then there’s the anxiety about whether your package even arrives at its destination appropriately.

Sure, there are options for selling your old jewelry. But if you want to make it easy and safe, just bring it to Buckeye Gold. We’ll outbid any other competitor – guaranteed.