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Buckeye Gold Company – We Buy Gold in Bexley, Ohio

We buy gold in Bexley. We also buy silver, platinum and diamonds! Do you have some old coins, flatware or jewelry that its time to sell?


Bexley Buckeye Gold

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Bexley Buckeye Gold


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Andrew Wallace – Store Manager

Andrew Wallace – Store Manager

Hi, my name is Andrew Wallace. I am the store manager of the Bexley location of Buckeye Gold, Coin & Jewelry. I have been a coin collector for over twenty years, and have worked in customer service for fifteen. Of all the interesting jobs I’ve held, none compare to Buckeye Gold. I, as an employee, am treated the same way I am expected to treat our customers: with honesty, compassion, and professionalism. The greatest part; however, is being able to share knowledge with our customers. Whether it be coins, bullion, or jewelry, creating an experience and including our customers in that experience is the greatest part of the job.

What do we buy?

  • Jewelry (Gold, silver, and gold-filled)
  • Coins (Gold, silver, war nickels, wheat pennies, collectable)
  • Flatware (Solid silver only)
  • Diamonds (all sizes in setting, 1/3 ct or bigger for lose stones)
  • See What We Buy for details

Wondering how it all works?

  • You bring in your pieces (no appointment needed)
  • We sort them by their karats and purities while explaining to you what you have
  • You enjoy a glass of coffee, tea or water while we do the work
  • We weigh up your pieces on a certified scale, and based on the current price of gold and silver, make you an offer
  • You get cash!
  • See What To Expect When You Come In for details

Curious about current market prices? Check gold and silver prices on Kitco, the same site we use for our up to the minute quotes!