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How It Works

  • Bring in your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and coins. No appointment necessary.
  • Relax with a free cup of your favorite coffee or glass of water while we sort through your pieces. They will never leave your sight. There are no back rooms and no hidden tests.
  • Based on the current market price of precious metals, coins and diamonds, we will make you an offer.
  • Although we are constantly ensuring that our prices are the highest in the market, a competitor will occasionally run a special promotion. If you’ve received a higher offer for the precious metal value of your pieces, bring it to us in writing and we will beat it. Guaranteed.

Where Are We Located?

Looking for somewhere in your neighborhood to sell your gold, silver and other precious items? We have six convenient locations throughout the Columbus Metropolitan Area. Search for the one closest to you and click for more info!


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What We Buy

Turn Gold into cash in Columbus, Ohio

  • Solid Gold Jewelry & Watches (8K-24K)
  • Gold Filled Jewelry
  • Coins (Gold, Silver, and Collectable)
  • Collectable Paper Currency
  • Silver Jewelry & Flatware
  • Diamonds of All Sizes
  • Platinum (including jewelry and wire)


Cool Facts

  • Gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, which it maintains without oxidizing in air or water.
  • Virtually all of the gold that mankind has discovered is considered to have been deposited later by meteorites which contained the element.
  • A total of 165,000 tons of gold have been mined in human history, as of 2009.
  • It is the only yellow metal and bears its name from the Old English word for yellow, “geolu.”
  • Gold melts at 1064° Centigrade (1948° Fahrenheit). It can conduct both heat and electricity and it never rusts.
  • One cubic foot of gold weighs half a ton. The world’s largest gold bar weighs 200 kg (440 lb).


Steve was so polite and so informative. It truly was a learning experience!

- Jennifer from Dublin

I was amazed by how much my old dusty jewelry was worth to Buckeye Gold. Very fair and knowledgeable.

- Madison from Upper Arlington

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